My Fight For Life

One day in June I’d had enough

Little did I know things were going to get rough

For months I lived not knowing the truth

But then came a bone marrow with all of the proof

I was diagnosed with Leukaemia on November 19th

Unhealthy blood cells running in my stream

Undertaking chemo to rid the disease

Losing my hair was not an ask nor please

With the intense therapy from the protocols

Things were starting to get out of control

The news of a transplant was unexpected

But the search began and a cord blood was selected

All my bags packed and ready to go

It was off to Sydney with high hopes all a flow

With reduced conditioning due to my heart

The doctors agreed this is how we would start

Day zero came and the cord was melted

By the end of the transplant I felt I’d been belted

Days went by with little reaction

Then grew new blood cells to give us satisfaction

With bloods going up and no fevers to tell

There were no signs of the cord wanting to rebel

On day thirteen the doctors presumed

I was able to leave my isolation room

With no hesitation and time to spare

I packed my bags and was out of there

With Ronald McDonald House just down the road

Bags under arms and in I strode

After a week of checks the doctors declared

Cessnock bound to my own sweet bed

The kids were surprised as I walked through the door

Kisses and cuddles were abundance galore

A week down the track I developed a rash

So with GVH I was back in a dash

More tests and drugs to sedate and suppress

Dealing with the side effects left me in stress

With things going well and back on track

All that was needed was a green flag from the pack

Thanks to all who’ve helped with my fight

I’m going to continue to fight for my life.


Blaize Tsakissiris